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powered by our mmWave spectrum.

About Us

BroadbandOne is deploying networks over mmWave spectrum from coast to coast.

Based in the Bay Area, BroadbandOne is passionate about creating wireless connections within communities, whether rural, urban, or somewhere in between. We understand that broadband has become a necessity in everyday life, and we want to be there to provide you with fast and reliable service using our licensed spectrum.


We can promise enhanced connectivity for a diverse range of needs.

Home & Business

mmWave spectrum has the power to provide communities internet with speed and stability.


5G FWA has the unique potential to cover rural towns that have traditionally lacked broadband.


Our 28 GHz spectrum has FCC approval to support mobile service, and US carriers are now deploying this band.

Private 5G and IoT

mmWave has enough capacity to power private 5G networks for enterprises, particularly those with IoT technology.


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mmWave Licenses






mmWave Vendors


Our licenses allow us to tap into spectrum of unprecedented capability.

BroadbandOne holds licenses in 19 states that grant us exclusive access to mmWave spectrum. Over these channels, we can offer a broadband connection virtually free of interference. This connection is wireless, allowing for pain-free deployment and installation.


Alongside new spectrum, technological creativity is the key to a world built on 5G.

The days of CellularOne saw mobile networks emerging for the first time, and it was here that analog transmission made its debut. Since then, new technology standards from digital transmission to low latency have revolutionized what providers offer with each generation.


mmWave Tech & Equipment

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