Our licenses allow us to tap into spectrum of unprecedented capability.

BroadbandOne holds licenses in 19 states that grant us exclusive access to mmWave spectrum as well as mid-band spectrum in select areas. Over these channels, we can offer a broadband connection virtually free of interference. This connection is wireless, allowing for pain-free deployment and installation.

Our UMFUS Band n257 licenses fall in the 28 GHz range. These are similar to what major carriers like Verizon, US Cellular, and T-Mobile are using to build their 5G networks.

28 GHz spectrum transports data in an extraordinary way. If a traditional band can transport data like sand falling through an hour glass, mmWave is closer to sand falling through a wide glass pipe. The spectrum is powerful, with up to 800MHz channels and flexible enough to match specific needs through solutions like mobility, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), and backhaul.

Our LMDS licenses fall in the 29-31 GHz range. With the exception of mobility, this spectrum functions like 28 GHz.

We also recently acquired blocks of 2.5 GHz Band 41 spectrum in over 30 counties that we already cover with our licensed mmWave spectrum. Together, 2.5 GHz and mmWave can support network use cases that require longer range and extended propagation but retain the much greater throughput of mmWave .

BroadbandOne has only just begun to harness the potential of these licenses through our emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G offload network. We’re eager for the opportunity to serve even more customers soon.

Interested in using our spectrum? Let us know!

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