Our spectrum promises enhanced connectivity across a diverse range of needs.

mmWave spectrum can transport high volumes of data at multi-gigabit speeds and, combined with repurposed low- and mid-band spectrum, can take this data a long way. We’re currently deploying to support a LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area), Internet of Things (IoT) network over our licenses. With the latest technology standards, a fully 5G future is just on the horizon.

Home & Business

Coupled with Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology, mmWave spectrum has the power to provide communities internet with speed and stability comparable to that of fiber optic—the best until now. For homes, these new networks can dramatically improve existing broadband even during peak hours, whether you’re taking video calls, streaming movies, or running smart applications. For businesses, mmWave tackles the challenge of supporting sensitive data in high volumes, including those that require real-time connectivity. We can offer either primary or redundancy broadband within SD-WAN enterprise connectivity.


5G FWA has the unique potential to cover rural towns that have traditionally lacked broadband. While cable and fiber require intensive infrastructure deployment, these networks work on technology that minimizes physical construction altogether. As a result, spectrum holders like BroadbandOne can prioritize low-density towns and contribute to the important work of spreading connectivity across America in line with the goals of programs like RDOF, ReConnect, and BEAD.


Our 28 GHz spectrum has FCC approval to support mobile service, and US carriers are now deploying this band and others in the 24-47 GHz range with the hopes of revolutionizing talk, text, and data. In major cities like New York and San Francisco, customers can already access these 5G networks. 28 GHz is particularly well-suited, however, to bolster service where existing coverage exists but lacks in speed or reliability, like small towns.

Private 5G and IoT

mmWave spectrum has the capacity to power private 5G networks for enterprises. A hybrid of W-Fi and cellular, private 5G provides users massive bandwidth over a secure connection. These networks offer ultra-low latency, actualizing the possibility of using Internet of Things (IoT) technology at scale. Complex industrial environments represent ideal candidates for our spectrum now, but a future powered by mmWave holds endless opportunities—from augmented reality to remote surgery to enhanced public safety systems.

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